About Us


Passion and love for the practice of yoga are some of the inspirations and motors that gave birth to Jiv Jago. The phrase Jiv Jago comes from sanskrit and means "Wake up sleeping soul". It is an expression directed to the soul, a calling to wake up.

The phrase was first taught by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur as a part of one of his lovely prayers to God. When we think about yoga we see it as a whole, as a life style which involves different layers of our life, included and put together by body and mind.

Finding balance between the two is a state which is lived in the present moment, where the breathing flows with our movements, where emotions are not suppressed but are fully expressed, and where thoughts are not stopped but become a current that we observe and learn to accept. After some years of practice we, Fredrikke and Goura, started to give form to what today is Jiv Jago. We are both yoga teachers and practitioners, primarily Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and Iyengar yoga. Our mission as a yoga brand and yoga practitioners is to keep a natural-high quality and sustainable range of yoga products. We think about the union of the cultures, the east and west in order to offer you the very best products.