• Fredrikke Fevang

Thoughts on meditation

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

As human beings we face different stages of our lives, different situations and interactions that we consider to be pleasant or bothersome; the constant interaction with our logical mind and emotions, in conjunction with the unexpected ¨planned ¨ future and reflections of the past.

Sometimes lack of presence, indecision, inability to listen to others and our hectic lives in the search for success make us find ourselves in unpleasant mental and bodily pains, stressful stages that affect not only our minds and bodies but also the from the ones around us. The feeling of not being in control of what we feel or say to take place and mental stability seems to be far away.

The realisation of our own mental and bodily state takes us around looking for a solution. Is it a biological imbalance? Is it real what others say about what we feel? Or is it the need of a reestablishment in our thoughts and actions? That’s something to think through, something which gives hope.

Hope seems to be a good place to start, the idea of quieting the mind, quieting it from confusing and mixed thoughts, so that we can rest from time and find the space to be present, a space for natural healing to take place, is not the present the time to realise even our past?

Coming back to a present state of being and taking away the mind from spinning thoughts gives the opportunity to find a natural and instinctual way of realising our minds and tendencies of thought, a natural way of let them flow.

So yes, meditation… is the present not an ideal place to start?

Meditation should start somewhere in order to take it to deeper levels awareness. Sitting meditation is the most common way of seeing this practice, later on it is taken to a natural flow of emotions and practicality in life.

Sitting meditation presents to us a space for knowing what we actually feel, will power is developed and it gives us the sense of having more time and patience before ¨running here and there¨. A dreamy state of a mental ideal vanishes and gives space to the awareness of our feelings. Breath becomes our best friend and its expansion helps us to deepen into relaxation; a place for non judgement, where we can observe, recognise, learn and start to change.



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